Inspiration stories – Sister Madonna Buder, the “Iron Nun”

The only failure is not to try’. 

Sister Madonna Buder took up running at the age of 48 after being introduced to it by Father John who told her it was a way of tweaking ‘mind, body and spirit’ as well as the relaxation it can bring.

She completed her first triathlon at 52 and her first Ironman at age 55. At the age of 75, the Iron Nun became the oldest woman ever to complete the Ironman – a swim of 2.4 miles, 112mile bike and a 26.2 mile run!

The following year she broke this record again, by completing the Hawaii Ironman finishing in a time of 16:59:03. With the desire to open up an 80+ category in the Ironman event and be the oldest finisher (male or female) Buder entered and finished the 2012 Canadian Ironman and became the overall Ironman world record holder in age at 82. She has now completed over 45 Ironman events.

In October 2010 Buder released her autobiography, The Grace to Race and in 2016 she featured in an advert for Nike, that was aired during the summer Olympic Games.

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