Triathlon Training Diary – Week 1

I’m looking to enter my first Olympic distance triathlon in July and thought I’d use this site as an opportunity to share how I’m getting on. I’ve done two sprint triathlons before, fancy giving the full distance a go.

The training plan

I wanted a 12 week plan, so after looking around online I came across one which seemed easy to follow. Ive never used a heart rate monitor when training so a plan which offered rate of perceived exertion (RPE) was also what I was after. The plan I decided to go with is actually from the NSPCC website and can be found at the following 12 week training plan.

Day One – Cycling

It wasn’t the best timing to have to start the training over the Easter weekend. But having the extra days off work meant I could go out on the bike in between the rain. After polishing off a couple of Easter eggs, I started with the first bike session 

  1. 20mins RPE-5 
  2. 5mins RPE-8 
  3. 5mins RPE-5

Whilst I enjoy training with RPE, I do think that 4 ‘stages’ is plenty. Anyway, I enjoyed my first ride of the year and have included my stats below. 

Day Two – Running

A couple of weeks ago I completed a half marathon, so at this point in the training plan my running is my strongest event.  The plan for this session was 

  1. 10mins RPE-5 
  2. 3mins RPE-8 
  3. 7mins RPE-5

Although I’ve been running longer distances, it felt good to be able to up the pace a little bit and to get properly out of breath, which is sometimes not always the case when training for the longer distances. Stats are below. 

Day Three – Running

I decided to do a bit longer on this run than on the plan. The plan was a 25 minute run at 6-7 RPE. This run was a little bit longer at 4 miles, but a little lower on intensity at about 5 RPE. 

Day Four – Swimming

This was the first time I used my Tomtom multi sport watch. I’ll write a review up soon, but I was impressed that it seemed to count the laps well enough, but just need to remember to pause the work out between sets. I did a bit longe warm up and cool down, but other than that I stuck to the plan.

  • 150m Warm up 
  • 150m Drills of your choice 
  • 3 x 100m with 30secs rest between 
  • 6 x 50m with 15secs rest between 
  • 100m Cool down

Day Five – Biking

The plan today was 40 mins at 6-7 RPE. I tried to stick to this, but it was probably nearer 5 RPE. 

Day Six – Swimming

The plan looked to be very similar to the previous session, but instead of the 100s it was one 300. Again I stuck to the plan except for  a bit longer warm up and cool down.

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